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% of children with IEPs, ages 3, 4, and 5 who are enrolled in a preschool program,

(A) Receiving majority of special education and related services in regular early childhood program;

(B) Attending separate special education class, separate school, or residential facility;

(C) Receiving special education and related services in the home.


The data source for Indicator 6 is Section 618 data which is collected through the Dec. 1st child count.   

Kentucky Department of Education items specific to Indicator 6


Investigative Questions

  • What relationship does the district have with early intervention programs to inform placement decisions for incoming students with disabilities?

  • What professional learning do general and special education teachers receive so that students with IEPs have access to the general education environment?

  • What are specific changes in practice that teachers will need to make for early childhood to achieve high quality inclusive classrooms?

  • What are the district’s procedures for determining placement in the LRE?

  • Is the team collaborating with local daycares, preschools, and other early childhood settings to coordinate inclusive services?

  • Are you utilizing the Decision Tree for Coding Age 3-5 LRE to determine appropriate placement?


Resources for Indicator 6