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Kentucky Administrative Regulations 

707 KAR 1:340. Procedural safeguards and state complaint procedures. 

Section 4. Procedural Safeguards Notice. (1) A copy of the procedural safeguards notice (including, parent’s rights) shall be given to the parents of a child with a disability one (1) time a school year. A copy of the notice shall also be provided to the parent: (a) Upon initial referral or parent request for evaluation; (b) Upon the receipt of the first state written complaint; (c) Upon the receipt of the first filing of a due process hearing in a school year; (d) In accordance with the discipline procedures in which a decision is made to remove a student, which constitutes a change in placement, because of a violation of the code of student conduct; and (e) Upon request by a parent. (2) The procedural safeguards notice shall include a full explanation of all the procedural safeguards available under 707 KAR Chapter 1 and 34 C.F.R. 300.504. 

Click on the tabs below for copies of Procedural Safeguards notices in various languages.  If additional translations are needed, contact your Special Education Cooperative Director of Special Education.  

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