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% of districts with disproportionate representation of racial /ethnic groups in specific disability categories due to inappropriate identification


The data source for Indicator 10 is Section 618 December 1 Child count data and the district Growth Factor Report.

Formula: # districts with disproportionate rep of ethnic groups in specific disability categories that is a result of inappropriate identification divided by # districts that met the "n" or cell size. 

New formula for 2022 submission will include 5 year olds in KG.

Given there are 6 disability categories (MMD & FMD are calculated together) and 7 racial and ethnic groups a district has the possibility of having a disproportionate representation in 42 different areas.

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For more information: Analysis and Risk Ratio

Kentucky Department of Education items specific to Indicator 10


Investigative Questions

To stimulate thinking and discussion among district and school personnel regarding the root causes of Indicator 10 performance, investigative questions may be accessed HERE.  


Resources for Indicator 10

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