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% of youth with IEPs dropping out

Indicator 2 is applicable only to secondary programs.


Drop out rate reflects the percent of youth with IEPs dropping out of high school compared to the percent of all youth in the state dropping out of high school. Data for this indicator is lagged from two years prior.  


Kentucky utilizes the OSEP method to calculate the dropout rate for students with disabilities:


# special education dropouts from grades 9-12 divided by total number of special education students enrolled in grades 9-12


The data source for Indicator 2 is Section 618 data which is self reported by districts through the end of

   the year exiting report.

This section in IC must be completed accurately as students exit for the end of year exiting data to be correct.

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Note: Alternate Diploma graduates do not impact drop out data.

Kentucky Department of Education items specific to Indicator 2

       Investigative Questions


To stimulate thinking and discussion among district and school personnel regarding the root causes of Indicator 2  performance, investigative questions may be accessed HERE.