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% of parents who report that the school facilitated parent involvement


The data source for Indicator 8 is parent survey data collected by districts in the spring.

New for 2022 submission: 

  • States must compare response rate from year to year.

  • Describe strategies to increase response rate, particularly for underrepresented groups.

  • Analyze response rate for potential nonresponse bias and take steps to promote response from broad cross-section.

  • Include extent to which the demographics are representative of demographics of students receiving services.

  • Describe strategies to ensure representativeness in the future.

  • Must include race/ethnicity AND at least one of the following: age, disability, gender, geographic location, other demographic category approved by stakeholders.

  • States must describe the metric used to determine representativeness (e.g., +/- 3% discrepancy in the proportion of responders compared to target group). 

Kentucky Department of Education items specific to Indicator 8


Investigative Questions

To stimulate thinking and discussion among district and school personnel regarding the root causes of Indicator 8 performance, investigative questions may be accessed HERE.


Resources for Indicator 8

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