(A) Participation rate for children with IEPs,

(B) Proficiency rate for children with IEPs against grade-level academic standards,
(C) Proficiency rate for children with IEPs against alternate academic achievement standards,

(D) Gap in proficiency rates for children with IEPs and all students against grade-level academic achievement standards.


Indicator 3 data are obtained through the KDE’s Office of Assessment and Accountability, which is responsible for the KDE’s statewide testing for all Kentucky students. The participation rate is calculated from dividing the number of children with IEPs participating in the assessment by the total number of children with IEPs enrolled during the testing window.  

Kentucky Department of Education items specific to Indicator 3

Investigative Questions


To stimulate thinking and discussion among district and school personnel regarding the root causes of Indicator 3  performance, investigative questions may be accessed HERE.